Feb 18 -  Feb 19, 2023


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36 hours. 90 hackers. creativity.

UniHacks is the annual 36 hour hackathon hosted by the NC School of Science and Math, open to all North Carolina students. Students will collaborate to build innovative software projects, explore new technologies, and have fun along the way. In short, this is your ticket to meet new friends and build cool projects, in 36 hours. 


Date: Saturday, February 18, 2023 - Sunday, February 19, 2023

UniHacks In-Person

All NCSSM residential students are invited to participate in-person on both the Morganton and Durham campuses. Throughout the event, you'll have access to free food, live speakers, workshops, and most importantly, time to work on your projects.

UniHacks Virtual

NC residents that are non-NCSSM-residential students can participate in UniHacks virtually! The opening ceremony, workshops, and closing ceremony will all be broadcasted through Zoom. All Zoom invite links will be made available through this website (unihacks.ncssm.edu) or through email to registered participants.

Overall UniHacks Track: Healthcare

Think of these as “impact areas” to help focus your ideation process.

🧠 Mental Health

The Mental Health track aims to create new tools for diagnosing mental health disorders, managing symptoms of mental health disorders, or to generally improve quality of life for individuals suffering from a mental health disorder. 

Example Projects

🏃🏽 Physical Health

The Physical Health track aims to help individuals become more physically healthy. This may mean focusing on nutrition, maintaining a set workout schedule, and making sure people are performing workouts correctly.

Example Projects

💊 Diseases

The Diseases track is designed to cultivate the development of new technologies to diagnose, manage, or treat diseases. A disease may be as serious as heart disease, or as “common” as the seasonal cold.

Example Projects

🛠️ Logistics

The Logistics track focuses on the operations of a healthcare facility, such as a hospital. Possible questions to investigate include: How can medical facilities better manage and analyze patient data? How can hospitals manage their finances better?

Example Projects

Hardware Projects: Within each track, feel free to build a hardware project. All hardware projects will be judged alongside software projects! Submission format will still be the same (on Devpost). Students will need to provide their own resources for hardware projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn't answer your question here, please feel free to email one of the UniHacks organizers: Pratham Patel (patel23pratham@ncssm.edu), Ganning Xu (xu23g@ncssm.edu), Vanessa Tang (tang24v@ncssm.edu), Naveen Ramesh (ramesh23n@ncssm.edu), Ayush Paul (paul24a@ncssm.edu), Elaine Shi (shi24e@ncssm.edu), Sam Mell (mell24s@ncssm.edu), Pratham Madaram (madaram24p@ncssm.edu). 

Who is eligible to participate?

If you’re a high school student in North Carolina, then you can participate!

What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where students work in a team, or by themselves, to build an innovative piece of software in a limited amount of time. Students will form teams around a problem or idea, and sprint to code a unique solution—these typically take the form of mobile applications, websites, or other digital solutions.

What if I’ve never programmed before?

That’s okay! This event is beginner-friendly, meaning that you don’t need any prior programming experience to participate! There will be incredible talks, workshops, and mentors available to guide you through the ideation and development process.

Where’s the schedule for the event?

We’ll release a detailed schedule soon. The opening ceremony will start February 18, 2023 at 9:00am EST, and the closing ceremony will end February 19, 2023 at 9:00pm EST.

What is a “track”?

A “track” is designed to help focus your ideation process. Think of it as an “impact area” for you to hack in. We’ll name a winner from each track, qualifying you for the grand prize 🏆. You’re not required to submit to a track, but you’ll need to if you want to be considered for prizes!

How do teams work?

You can have up to four people in a team. You can specify teammates when you register, or register individually. If you don’t have a team yet, that’s okay—we’ll have a team formation event to help you find people to work with. 

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